TWEET TWEET! is a 30-minute contemporary circus performance experience for our youngest audience, age 0-5 years and their caregivers. The show takes place on a magical tree apparatus (built by Upstage Fabrication Inc. and Kelsey Carriere), with 2 nests and 2 wood swings hanging from the branches. The performers move from the nests, up into the aerial tree canopy, through the rope tree trunk, and on the floor. There is a large forest floor carpet that lies under the tree branches for the audience to sit and lie on.

Produced by: Femmes du Feu
Created & choreographed by:Lindsay Goodtimes, Holly Treddenick & Monica Dottor
Performed by: Lindsay Goodtimes and Holly Treddenick
Directed by: Monica Dottor
Apparatus Creation: Upstage Fabrication Inc
Set Design: Kelsey Carriere
Sound Design: Monica Dottor
Lighting & Tech: Ian Goodtimes
Bird Watcher: Weston Horvath
Costume: Tanis Sydney McArthur
Audio Description: Kat Germain

• June 2020- Nutrien Children’s Festival of Saskatoon
• June 6-10, 2020- Winnipeg International Children’s Festival
• May 25-31, 2020- Vancouver International Children’s Festival
• May 21-23, 2020- Surrey International Children’s Festival
• May 6-10, 2020- Ottawa Children’s Festival
• February 17th, 2020- The Burlington Center For The Performing Arts (3 shows), Burlington, ON
• December 27-30th, 2019- Family Festival (9 shows)- Soul Pepper Theater, Toronto, ON
• October 6th, 2019- The Richmond Hill Center For The Performing Arts (3 shows), Richmond Hill, ON
• November 23rd, 2019- Center In The Square, Kitchener, ON
• May 2019- Wee Festival (6 shows)- The Redwood Theater, Toronto, ON
• May 2019- KinderFest (4 shows)- The Studio, Hamilton, ON
• April 2019- self produced research presentation (1 show)- The Redwood Theater, Toronto, ON
• December 2018- Family Festival (9 shows)- Soul Pepper Theater, Toronto, ON
• May 2018- *Premier* Wee Festival (6 shows)- Solar Stage, Toronto, ON

TWEET TWEET was created with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council & Canada Council for the Arts and was a commission by Theatre Direct for WeeFestival.