TWEET TWEET! Accessibility Resource


Thank you for participating in this free showing of TWEET TWEET!
April 6th, 2019 at 2pm
Redwood Theatre
1300 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Y7
Visit Redwood Theatre website

Parking: street parking available on Gerrard with a Green P pay station, and free parking on the side streets
 Taxi Services: Usually, taxis can be found easily on Greenwood or Gerrard Ave. 

TTC Directions: take subway to Greenwood stationtake the 31A Queen St. bus south on Greenwood, get off at Gerrard St. East, walk south on Greenwood, turn left and walk east on Gerrard St. Redwood Theater will be on the north side of the street

Accessibility at Live Shows

There will be a welcome table when you come in the front doors. Please check in and get a name tag. 
There will be buckets in the lobby containing objects relating to the show. Please feel free to take a few objects with you for your child to play with during the show. This can help them understand the textures from the show, and stimulate their senses. 

VibraFusion: critically acclaimed artist David Bobier has brought his vibrofusion to tweet tweet. combining vibration, music and sound to create a somatic experience of sound. Please ask if your child would like to experience this. 

We will be offering audio describing during the performance. This is an opportunity for blind and low vision audiences to hear a description of what is happening on stage. This will be done by Kat Germain. 
For this performer we will start with “closed description” for the first 1/2 of the show. You will require an inner ear monitor that you will pick up at the check  in table. The second 1/2 will have no description, giving caregivers and parents an opportunity to describe show to their children if they wish.

After the show we would like to discuss these approaches.

Tweet Tweet Visual Story

WHAT IS A VISUAL STORY? A visual story is a tool to help audience members familiarize themselves with a venue and/or with a performance. It allows audience members to know in advance, so that they can prepare themselves accordingly. 

Enjoy the story of Tweet Tweet! as interpreted in this poem by Damian Rogers, alongside images from the live show.


Beat! Beat!

Our hearts are in our beaks.

We twist about
and wriggle out
to meet the sun’s soft heat.


Free! Free!

We kick and swing our feet.

We look down —
so far, the ground!

And then we cry, EEP EEP!


Tree! Tree!

Our home is in a tree.

We stretch and test

and dig our nests

as we begin to sing.


Tweet! Tweet!

We learn to share our tree.

We dance and play
and leap and sway.
We flap our tender wings.


Peek! Peek!

We joke and hide and seek.

Surprise, surprise!

We blink our eyes,
and nearly fall asleep.


Sweet! Sweet!

We really need to eat

a crumb, a seed, a treat.


We sing!


Tweet! Tweet!

We climb up in the tree

So high so high

we feel the sky

is now below our feet.


Whee! Whee!

Bye-Bye lovely tree.

We tried and tried,

then learned to fly,

and now we ride the breeze!