In The Fire

Created and performed by Holly Treddenick
Directed by Monica Dottor
Aerial coaching by Angola Murdoch
Dramaturgy by Mel Hague
Outside eye by Sara Porter
Original Score by John Gzowski
Video projection by Renee Lear
Costume by Stacie Patterson
Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay
Apparatus design and build by Upstage Fabrication

Special thank you to Greg Schultz, Soraya Peerbaye, Sarah Poole and George Treddenick, and to The Toronto Arts Council and The Ontario Arts Council for their generous support in this project.

Video footage by Eamon MacMahon

Performed at Rhubarb Festival 2019
Buddies in Bad Times Theater, Toronto, Ontario

Fire is a solo dance/aerial circus show about my dad. The show is based around stories from my dad’s experience as a fire fighter. It’s about my relationship with my dad. It’s about me. This show is about fire. This show is about memories. This show is about trauma. This show is an homage to all the firefighters out there. And to all those who have lost something or someone to fire.

Fire works with all new invented apparatuses – a turn out coat on a pipe, a rope loop and an aerial ladder. Dance, aerial circus, video, music and story telling come together to light this fire.

Thank you to the generous support of CCAFT (Contemporary Circus Arts Festival Toronto) and the Toronto Arts Council