Artists: Louis Barbier, Greg Tarlin, Kevin Chen, Dominque Rabideau


2 WEEKS IN JUNE 16th – 29nd 2019

*** Submissions are now closed *** Notification will be sent out mid November.

Week 1- for emerging artists

Week 2- for mid-career/ established/ more experienced

Produced by Femmes du Feu in partnership with Toronto Centre for the Arts.

Call to Mentor closes October 1. Call to Participants closes November 1. 

Circus Sessions (now in it’s 5th season) is a weeklong contemporary circus creative laboratory and think-tank that will offer artists the opportunity to work with a mentor at The Toronto Centre for the Arts. Past mentors have been Marie-Andreé Robitialle (Sweden, 2018), Sean Gandini (UK, 2017), Adel-Nodé Langlois (France, 2016), and Fred Deb (France, 2015).

This initiative is open to the diverse forms of practice that intersect with circus in anyway. This can include traditional forms such as
Aerial arts • Acrobatics • Balancing • Object Manipulation • Clown

And interdisciplinary artists whose research intersect with circus such as:
Activist activity • Music • Performance art• Writing • Dance • Spoken word • Cultural dance • Visual arts • Textile • Architecture

What is accessibility in performance?

We will be working with Alex Bulmer, Toronto based blind theatre artist/ writer/ dramaturge on exploring integrating audio description and accessibility practices into the process.


PAID POSITION, travel, accommodation and per diem paid. Call opens August 1 2018 and closes October 1, 2018.

We are looking for a director/ mentor (established artist) with diverse experience, perspectives, research and a developed interdisciplinary artistic practice who has an interest in circus as subject, form, etc…. Circus Sessions aims to engage artists; exposing them to mature practices and well examined research. This project encourages artists to engage in a creative dialogue that examines the evolving genre, cultivates experimentation in performance, as well as networking, advocacy and audience development.

Location: Workshops and shows take place in Toronto, Ontario at The Toronto Centre for the Arts

** If you have any problems filling out the online forms, please email