Circus Sessions 2018

Circus Sessions #4 | April 23-28, 2018
SHOWINGS: April 27th & 28th

Produced by Femmes du Feu in partnership with Harbourfront Centre as part of NextSteps 2017/18.


Marie-Andree Robitaille from Stockholm, Sweden


Natayu Mildenberger (Toronto)
Rebecca Anne Zelewicz (Toronto)
Miranda S Tempest (Toronto)
Jennifer Dallas (Toronto)
Aude Lavergne (Montreal)
Andrei Anissimov (Montreal)
Noemie Beauchamps (Montreal)
Giselle Mar (Montreal)
Myriam Bloom (USA)
Wondercabinet Weshinskey (USA)
Cody Hayman (USA)
Sarah Muehlbauer (USA)
Maggie B. Karlin (USA)
Inka Lilja (Finland)
Ida Cramer (Germany)
Tina Carter (UK)

This year we are excited to have Alex Bulmer with us to work with 3 artists, Whitney Nicole (Kelowna), Erin Ball (Kingston), and Kate Kavanagh (UK), on audio description and to lead research around increasing accessibility in circus.

What is Circus Sessions?
Circus Sessions (now in it’s 4th year) is a weeklong circus laboratory and think-tank that will offer a small group of contemporary circus artists the opportunity to work with internationally renowned circus artist/ instructor/ researcher, Marie-Andreé Robitaille in the beautiful space of The Harbourfront Centre Theatre.

Marie-Andreé Robitaille is a force in contemporary circus. She comes from an acrobatic and dance background and is now senior lecturer in circus, head of the bachelor of arts in circus at the School of Dance and Circus, DOCH parts of Stockholm University of the Arts UNIARTS (Sweden), and Artistic Director of Cirkus Perspektiv (Sweden). You can read more about her projects at


This initiative is open to all forms of circus practice.

This year Circus Sessions will be working with Alex Bulmer and Erin Ball to increase accessibility to a diverse range of artists.

Circus Sessions looks to encourage artists to engage in a creative dialogue that examines their evolving form, cultivates experimentation in performance, as well as networking, advocacy and audience development and engagement strategies.

Circus Sessions is free to all participants. Participants will be responsible for travel costs. We will do our best to help find accommodation.

Process details CIRCUS SESSION 2018 
(Gynoïdes Project_ Bêta Test XI) 

The workshop dedicated to circus performers, will focus on the development of self awareness in the creation of imagineers and meanings in circus arts. The work-shop provide with an occasion for the participants to reflect, review, reshape and re-design their circus “act” from a norm-creative perspective.

We will explore tactics that aim to resist the restrictions and pressure generated by, for example, habits, norms, stereotypes, codes, assumptions of expectations, conformism, etc. To do so we will investigates our poetic gestures through concepts such as plurality, individuality, affinities, power and identity.

The workshop will be lead using participatory compositional methods including discussions, collective writings, physical and creative exercises, performances and feedback.

The work-shop aims for the emancipation of the circus artists and the development of the participant’s expression.

The workshop Human in Circus, welcome the participation of males, females and non-binary circus artists.